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  • How To Get An Instant Life Insurance Quote Online For Free

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    Getting an instant life insurance quote has never been easier. For example, you can just use the form above to select your state and get started right away. And for that matter there a probably hundreds if not thousands of other sites that can offer you one as well. Obviously, we would prefer if you used our service but before getting any life insurance quote there are a few things you should probably consider.

    The very first thing you need to decide is what type of life insurance product you are looking for. Do you want term insurance or whole life insurance? How much coverage are you looking for? Who will be a beneficiary? All these questions need to be answered before actually buying a policy.

    The good news is that by using our instant life insurance quote service you can quickly and easily make comparisons between different coverage options and amounts. Here is a very quick guide on the differences between each of your life insurance options.

    The biggest factor affecting how much you will pay is the amount of coverage that you get. So how much do you need? Well there is no right or wrong option on this question but conventionally most financial planners recommend an amount roughly 20X your current income. So if you earn $50,000 per year you would need a $1 million dollar policy.

    The next thing you need to think about is the type of policy who want to buy. The two standard options are either term life insurance or whole life insurance. Term insurance lasts for a specific coverage period, for example 20 years. You pay your premiums every month until the term period ends and then you can decide whether or not to renew. If you pass away during that period you beneficiaries get paid, but if you are still alive you don’t get any money back.

    Whole life insurance is different because there is no term period and instead you build cash value over time. So for example, say you decide after 20 years that you no longer need a life insurance policy. In this case you can cancel your coverage and get back the cash value portion of your policy. Now while this option may sound like a better deal; keep in mind whole life insurance polices are usually a lot more expensive than term policies. So get a few instant life insurance quotes for each type to find out the difference in price for you.

    Finally, the last important part of getting an accurate quote for life insurance is to know your basic medical history. I strongly advise you not to buy any insurance from any company claiming you don’t need to have a medical exam. These plans are almost always overpriced for the amount coverage they offer. So, instead be honest with your medical history and you may be surprised at how little you have to pay for the coverage you need.

    Now you know not only how to get an instant life insurance quote but how to get the quote that suits you best. Make sure you take your time and examine each and every plan offered to you before buying. This may be a purchase you use for the 20 years or more, so it pays to take a little time to make sure you are getting the best deal and coverage for you. To get started right away please use our free instant life insurance quote form below.

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